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How To Create A Quality Problem Solution Essay About Deforestation

You already have a passion for the environment and have grave concerns about global warming and climate change. But you are overjoyed at being asked to create a quality problem solution essay.

Understanding deforestation

You have a basic understanding of what deforestation entails, but in order to address the problem coherently you need to enhance your knowledge through more close readings.

Motivating your problem solution essay

Now you are almost ready to present your solutions on the problems of deforestation. You still need to create a persuasive thesis statement that is going to convince your readers.

Cutting things down to size

Before writing the essay, jot down your suggested solutions in draft form. Then compose a series of summarized statements which should all be linked together coherently.

  • Thesis statement – This is important. It is going to tell the world how you propose to address the problems of global deforestation in a qualitative manner.
  • List the problems – Before creating solutions, you need to identify the problems first. In your paper, the issues will be listed first before solutions are explained in essay format.
  • Link the solutions – Each solution that you have identified, and there should be a few, must be directly correlated with concerns raised.
  • Prepare the outline and approach – Because the paper you have in mind needs to convince readers you will be adopting a persuasive writing tone which is substantiated by your own research.

Defining the problem

The problem of deforestation can be presented in detail once you have prepared your paper’s introduction and thesis statement. Ideally, you will be raising at least three key issues.

  • First list the issues you have identified and show how you came across them. This can be done by paraphrasing original facts and statistics.
  • An explanation of why deforestation is taking place at such a rapid pace is ideal. Again, this will be backed up with your findings.

Refined suggestions

Now you are ready to nip things in the bud if you will. Your solution essay, while critical, is turning into a fruitful series of suggestions on how to curb excessively industrious tree-cutting. Rewardingly, you are planting new seeds.

  • Counter punch – You need to highlight the urgency of why large, green lungs remain essential to the world in which we live and breathe.
  • Way forward – Concluding the paper with a flourish will always have a gloss added to it when strong motivational statements are added.

A qualitative paper proposing solutions to the problems caused by the massive clearing of forests when completed, is the beginning of a rewarding journey. You are making your mark in creating a better world for all.

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