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The Left Brain Vs the Right Brain: How Does This Impact Learning

Is it true one side of the brain may help you learn better than the other? There are theories floating around that depending on which side of the brain mostly relied upon, a person may see things more clearly or from a logic perspective. For instance, some belief a left-brained individual is objective and a right-brained individual is subjective. Whether or not this true, from a psychological standpoint one part of the brain may process things a little differently than the other half.

People continue to explore the left brain and right brain theories with a few being overly exaggerated. We know that certain parts of the brain control what we think, say and learn. Such theories came from specialists that explored the human brain and how it functions. This aspect was explored thanks to understanding how seizures develop in the brain. Parts of the brain was cut and explored after a person became deceased. They studied different patterns and ways the brain made its connections in relation to how humans learn certain elements. Some patients had their brains split and participated in a different study that explored how they remembered names and objects. Through this researchers were able to understand how parts of the brain react to one another.

Researchers thought aspects such as language and memory were controlled by different sides of the brain (either left or right). But modern day studies have disputed such claims when considering aspects such as mathematics. In some cases, both sides of the brain need to work together in order to solve certain problems. Some studies have shown both sides of the brain work together or at the same time when a person is multi-tasking. It is learned the two hemispheres of the brain communicate with each other through a central element known as a collosum.

So how does each side of the brain help a person learn? Each side is responsible for recognizing certain behaviors. For instance, the left side of the brain recognizes facial expression, emotions and colors. The right side of the brain explores reasoning, language and numbers. Each side of the brain may do something better than the other side, but in the theory itself is somewhat outdated. When a person wants to understand how they learn about something, they need to understand their strengths and weaknesses; which can be on either side of the brain.

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