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A List Of Exciting Opinion Essay Topics For Kids

Select a topic that you think will be fun to write about

If you are writing an opinion essay then, rather than getting bored whilst writing the work, it is best to think of something that you think you will enjoy writing about. Not only will it help to make the writing process more enjoyable for you, but it will potentially have an effect on the quality of the work. If you take pleasure in the writing process then you are more likely to produce good quality work based on logical arguments that you will enjoy researching and writing about.

Be sure the topic is something you feel strongly about in order to help you write your best work

As well as enjoying writing about the topic, it is important that you have strong feelings about it as well. If you don’t care too much either way, then the chances of you writing strong arguments can be reduced. As a result, if the topic inspires strong emotions then you are more likely to be passionate about what you write about, thus creating deep, well-thought out arguments.

Look for further ideas on the internet

Finally, to give you extra inspiration, it can be good idea to look for ideas on the Internet. It may be that you find prewritten papers that you can use to base your title on; alternatively, you can look through various news sites in order to find stories that you are interested and which you think you may be able to write a good opinion essay about.

Essay topic ideas for kids of different ages

The following is a list of ideas that are suitable for children of different ages. From more easy going topics about where you like to live to more political topics, such as the War on Iraq, these themes should help to inspire you to think of a topic that is suitable for someone of your age and experience.

  • Smoking should be illegal in all public places
  • Cell phones should be turned to silent on public transport
  • Prisons should do more to educate inmates
  • The minimum wage should be scrapped
  • The War in Iraq was justified
  • Polygamous marriages should be legalised
  • Tenure for professors is a bad thing
  • The age of criminal culpability should be lowered
  • Graffiti normally improves the walls and buildings it is on
  • Living in the country is preferable to urban life

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