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How To Write A Strong Essay On An Effective School Environment

Just about everyone has spent a significant portion of their lives in school, some a considerably larger portion than others. We all don’t graduate with the same qualifications and this can largely be attributed to the environment which does not only mean the buildings and compound. Many factors contribute to an environment and in this article I will attempt to outline six factors that will assist you in writing a strong essay on an effective school environment:

  1. The facilities
  2. Some will say that learning can be done anywhere and this is mostly true. However, in an educational institute, the availability of equipment and space can play a vital role in the ability of a teacher to inform students about a particular topic, for example, proper use of a microscope. So while knowledge can be imparted from one person to another without the need of expensive gear, in some cases it is impossible to do so without.

  3. The people
  4. Many students derive much of their motivation because of the relationships they form with their tutors or peers. Studies have shown that fostering teamwork can greatly improve performance and learning. If a school has the ability to create positive and productive relationships, chances of success are much higher.

  5. Morale
  6. Too often we make the mistake of branding one person as “gifted” while the others are just average. Though this is true in some cases, it doesn’t mean that others don’t posses the ability to perform just as well given the right encouragement. With proper morale uplifting practices, the average pass rate of an educational institute can rise significantly.

  7. Role models
  8. Human beings have been known to perform better when a clear goal or desire exists and role models can provide clear representation of a person’s personal goals. However without role models, young people can lose sight of the person they want to be in the future.

  9. Competition
  10. The ability of students to compete on even ground with those of other schools can be a good way of promoting a sense of prides in the student body which can serve to improve overall performance.

  11. Societal needs
  12. Some schools are forced to focus more on a particular subject area because of the demands of the society closest to the establishment. This can lead to a one sided system that ignores the needs of different, less in demand areas of study.

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