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Courtroom Participants Professional Standards


Over the years, the issue of professional standards surrounding courtroom participants has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because there are specific guidelines they must follow. Otherwise, there is the possibility they could be disqualified and bring into the question legality of legal proceedings. Once this happens, is the point the other side can use this as grounds for an appeal.

A good example of this can be seen with the case involving the ex wife of former NFL Quarterback Ken Stabler. In 2011, she was arrested for suspicion of using controlled substances in a public restroom. At the trial, the prosecution was unable to prove these charges as the police found: no drugs, any clear evidence she was using them and she passed a urine test. Instead, she was found guilty and ordered to a pay a $200.00 fine for disturbing the peace.

Stabler is appealing the decision, as her lawyer failed to raise the conflict of interest surrounding the judge who was overseeing the trial. To fully understand what occurred requires focusing on the mistakes made by the prosecutor, the defense, the judge and the way this thwarts the concept of justice. Together, these elements will demonstrate the way conflicts of interests arise and the most appropriate avenues for addressing them.


Clearly, the case against Rose Burch Stabler, is illustrating how her rights were violated. This occurred with the prosecutor having no evidence, the defense failing to raise objections about these injustices and the judge having a conflict of interest. These areas are being used as grounds for an appeal, with the defendant claiming that a new trial is necessary. As a result, Stabler's case has merit by demonstrating the way these factors led to a miscarriage of justice. Once this happens, is the point the odds increase, the decision will be overturned and she is granted a new trial.

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