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5 Effective Study Tips to Improve Your Academic Performance


Maintaining excellent grades in school is not always easy for students but some expert-proven study habits can make things easier. Occasionally, however, students may also need help from reliable paper writing service providers like to boost their grades. This article contains five proven study habit tips to help you achieve academic excellence.

Good study habits for all students

If you are wondering how to get better at studying, the five tips below will help you.

1. Organize your study routine

Irrespective of your academic level, creating a study plan is one of the best study tips you can implement. Make a seven-day timetable that dedicates one to three hours daily to learning a specific subject. Fix more difficult subjects into less stressful days like the weekends.

With the right study plan, you can complete your homework on time and will not have to rush to complete homework at the last minute. However, study time should not be used for assignments alone. Dedicate some time to independent studying and try to stay ahead of your school work.

Effective study habits for college students

What are good study habits for college students?

2. Improve focus with interactive learning

According to a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2014, students are more likely to retain knowledge when they learn actively. The more interactive your lessons are, the higher your chances of excelling in school. If you are wondering how to improve study skills, consider implementing a non-conventional approach to learning.

Rather than reading content passively, look for innovative ways to engage your mind. You can do this by asking yourself thought-provoking questions, taking notes, and using real-world practice exercises.

3. Develop your time management skills

When you are stressed, your mental and physical health pays the prize. You will have difficulty concentrating on the most basic tasks, and retaining knowledge will be even more challenging. Also, you will become sluggish with learning and struggle to optimize your time.

Before you start implementing the study habit tips in this article, make sure you are efficient at time management. Get between seven to eight hours of sleep every night, limit distractions, stick to your study plan, focus on one task at a time, and take breaks when necessary.

Study tips for high school students

If you are a high school student wondering how to get better at studying, this section is for you.

4. Retain more information by focusing in class

Your home study plan should be an extension of what you learn in class. If you skip classes whenever you want, what will you learn and practice at home? While attending classes in high school is mandatory, you shouldn't do it just because you have no choice. Do it because you want to excel academically.

You can maximize concentration, improve focus, and promote memory retention by attending classes actively rather than passively. Ask questions, answer questions when you can, and consider asking your peers for reliable study habit tips.

5. Consider tutoring

If you are still struggling after implementing the study habit tips above, consider getting a tutor to help you out. Visit the tutoring center in your school or ask your teacher for a recommendation. Schedule your tutoring sessions into your independent study routine to make things easier. Ask your tutor questions and listen to their explanations carefully.

If you don't think tutoring in your school is right for you, consider seeking professional help outside your school. You can secure good grades when you pay for professional homework help for essay writing.


There are no shortcuts when it comes to excelling academically. Whether you are in high school or college, the tips above will help you learn how to get better at studying. All you have to do is practice consistently.

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