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Tips in case you don't know how to write an excellent essay

Anyone can write an essay, that is an easy task. What you need to do is learn how to write an excellent essay, one which wins approval from your teacher or professor and which gives you a very high mark. There are tips on how to improve your essay writing skills and a number of these tips are listed below. You should understand that these tips are not something which have been discovered in the last two weeks. They are tried and tested steps and activities you can undertake immediately.

  • Choosing the right topic.
  • Testing to see if there is plenty of relevant research material.
  • Brainstorming is a brilliant way to get started.
  • The thesis statement is oh so important.
  • Without a plan or an outline you could be in serious trouble.
  • In order to create an excellent essay, it really helps if you are enthusiastic about the task. The student who dislikes the topic will struggle to find information and to write the actual paper. The opposite happens when the student has a passion for the topic and even some background knowledge of it.

    You might think you have a terrific topic to write an excellent essay on but how much research material is available? Is the research material easy to access, does it have depth and most importantly is it highly relevant?

    Brainstorming is a simple process. It can be even more successful when done with someone else or even in a group. Everyone agrees on the topic and then everybody says whatever comes into their mind with thoughts about that topic. Somebody dictates all suggestions and after that you go through and pick out those ideas which are relevant and important.

    The thesis statement which occurs in your opening paragraph is the foundation of your essay. People who write an excellent essay write an excellent thesis statement. The shorter the better and clarity beats vague writing every time.

    The student who creates an excellent essay does so because they have an excellent plan or outline. They make a list of every paragraph heading and every main point and minor point which will occur in each of the paragraphs. They spend as much time as possible on the creation of a plan so that the actual writing of the excellent essay is a much easier process. Remember anyone can write an essay but it takes skill to write an excellent one.

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