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Kids Should Get Paid for Good Grades

It is not easy to be a student these days. As you approach 11th and 12th grade, you are repeatedly told that colleges want well-rounded students. Being a well-rounded student is not as easy as you would think. In order to be well rounded, you have to be in a club, a spot, a fine arts activity, have good grades, have good recommendation letters, and make good scores on the SAT or on the ACT. All this stress is tough on a child who just wants to eat potato chips and watch television. Obviously, this is not an option if one wants to attend college. Parents should pay children for good grades, and schools should reward the students, also

Parents should pay their children for good grades. The amounts could go up in increments as the grades go p. Or the parent could only ay for A’s. The amount does not need to be astronomical. Maybe a kid should be paid just enough to buy a ticket at a movie or to buy a new game for the Play Station. Parents get paid at their work and sometimes get a bonus from work when they do a good job. Kids should be paid for good grades. The parents and children could sit down together and decide how much would be paid.

The school should reward kids, too. If you have six or seven subjects you could spend hours every night studying for those classes. It takes a lot of time to do well. This hard work should be recognized. They could give them a High Honors breakfast or a pass for a free snack fro the snack bar. Teachers could give a free homework pass to the students who scored an A on their report card. Everyone wants to be recognized when they do a good job on something. It takes a lot of time to study. So schools and teachers should reward students for good grade.

It only makes sense that students who make good grades should be paid by their parents and that they should be rewarded by the school and the many school teachers. The parent and the child could decide together how much he or she would be paid. And you could suggest to your principal that A students get a reward from the school and the teachers.

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