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How to Write a Funny Narrative Essay: Helpful Directions

Writing a narrative essay should be fun, and to make this process even more pleasant, you can try creating a really funny paper. This can help you make a better impression on your teacher and peers as everyone loves a good laugh.

The process of writing a funny narrative essay is the same as writing any other kind of narration. The point of this paper is to tell the readers a story. It’s the nature of the story you choose that determines whether the result will make your audience laugh. Therefore, the key to creating a funny paper is choosing a topic.

A narrative paper must describe an experience, either a real or an imaginary one. It will be much easier to develop a story based on something you’ve actually lived through. However, if there aren’t many funny experiences in your life, you should get your imagination run wild. You might need some inspiration when you work on this kind of project. There are quite a few interesting sources that can provide you with it. Be sure to check at least some of them.

  • Online forums.
  • Here you can talk to other students and share your ideas with them. People you meet through forums can offer you some ideas or tips. In addition, they will be able to provide you with some constructive criticism.

  • Social media.
  • Use social media the same way as forums. Join several student communities, post your ideas, and ask others for their input. This process might be time consuming, but the results you get will definitely be worth it.

  • Web portals for students.
  • There are some specialized websites that offer a great variety of information for students to use. Some of them provide lists of interesting and funny essay topics. Surf through these specialized sources to get some inspiration as well as learn a few valuable writing tips.

Once you decide on a topic for your funny narrative essay, you should take the same steps as you usually would when writing a paper:

  1. Develop an outline.
  2. Write the body of the essay.
  3. Write a conclusion and an introduction.
  4. Revise and edit.

As this type of paper has very few formal requirements, you will be able to create an essay that would be truly funny and light. However, do not forget that every person is unique, so not everyone shares your sense of humor. Whatever joke you decide to focus on must not be offensive to anyone.

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