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A List of Powerful Topics for Persuasive Essay

What makes a persuasive essay topic powerful?  A powerful topic is one that has at least two good points of views for you to work with.  This means that your topic should be something that you have a point of view on and throughout the essay you are going to explain your point of view to the reader.  The point is not to make them believe your point of view but to show them facts and evidence that your point of view is valid.  This will make the reader think about your point of view and maybe even change their point of view.

Powerful Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Should senior citizens be able to ride the bus for free?  There are many opinions on seniors driving and if they should be required to take their driver test every couple years to ensure everyone else’s safety.  Do you think letting them ride the bus for free will have an impact on the number of accidents caused by seniors?
  • With the rise in technology, should schools get rid of textbooks and use laptops or tablets to replace them?  You can say that this is cheaper and it is easier to update the textbooks when they are eBooks.
  • Punishments for downloading music and movies, are they too harsh or not harsh enough?  Are piracy laws too harsh for downloading music and movies off the Internet?
  • Would starting school later in the morning help students learn better?  Some studies have shown that starting school later in the morning increases productivity in students and helps them learn better.
  •  Should students that are doing cyber bullying and bullying be expelled from school?  Since the Internet and cell phones have made it easier to bully other students, should the person doing the bullying get punished more harshly?
  • The United States is the only country in the world that doesn’t use the metric system.  Do you think we should convert?
  • Should the fourteen year olds be allowed to hold an after school job or full time one in the summer?  Most kids can get working papers and start at fifteen but should young kids be allowed to hold jobs as well?
  • What crimes should minors be charged as adults?  Some kids commit murder but end up going to a juvenile detention centers till they’re twenty one and then they are set free.  Is this right or are there certain crimes that should require them to be charged as adults.

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