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Choosing Successful Exploratory Essay Topics On Cyber Bullying

The internet is a good thing, we have seen a lot of good coming from the internet over the years. There are so many inventions that have come up, lots of young people are now coming up with interesting and intuitive apps that are changing the way we do things all over the place. Sadly, in as much as there are so many good things about the internet, there are also bad things that have happened. Cyber bullying is one of the vices that have cropped up over the years. A lot of people have struggled with this, to the point where some even ended up committing suicide. There are those whose self-esteem has gone on to hit rock bottom after being victims of cyber bullying, and it is because of this reason that you can consider discussing a few topics on cyber bullying.

The following are some simple topics that can help you construct a very good paper:

  1. Reasons why children bully others online
  2. What is cyberbullying
  3. Discuss the pretext of suicidal thoughts on children being more prevalent after cyber bullying than traditional bullying
  4. Discuss the forms of cyber bullying that manifest all over the internet
  5. Intervention and prevention strategies that can be put in place to deal with this vice
  6. How effective are the strategies that have been put in place to tackle this?
  7. What is the opportunity cost of handling this vice online?
  8. Discuss the contribution of social media towards cyberbullying
  9. Explain how anonymity online further propagates this vice, and how this can be remedied
  10. Should stiffer penalties be imposed on those found guilty of cyberbullying?

Take a look at some of these topics and you will realize that they discuss things that are so common in the world that we live in. This explains so much, and in the event that you have either been a victim or know someone who has, it can be a very good opportunity for you to express yourself, or go so far in coming up with sustainable solutions to the problem.

Once you have chosen a good topic, the next step is in coming up with a sound argument to support the same. Do some serious research into this, before you can start working on the paper, and you will have a good chance of writing a good paper.

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