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Basic Tips On How To Write A Nursing School Admission Essay

Students who apply for a nursing school know that there are several prerequisites every applicant must comply with in order to receive positive feedback. Admissions committee has to look through every applicant resume, letter of recommendation and personal statement, which is the same as essay, to get to know applicants if they are good potential students for that school.

There is nothing you can add in your resume or letter of recommendation, but your personal statement, shows how much you like to go to that school.

A personal statement essay is writing where you introduce to the committee as a good potential candidate to study in their school, tell them why you like nursing so much, and what are your plans. Here are several tips on how to write effective personal statement:

  • A good plan – Spend some time before starting the essay and plan what to include. It is important for your writing to be effective in order to consider and accept your application. Outline the things to include, make a short summary about your story by including your qualifications and skills. Write an outstanding sentence what nursing means to you. After that, incorporate your outlines items in the plan.
  • Show you are an outstanding person. – This type of writing should make you stand out from the others by expressing your personality and convince the committee that you are the right fit for the school. You can do that by writing a personal story about your experience and what made you decide to apply in a nursing school or about the wish to be a nurse. Use your nursing admission essay as a tool to express your reason why you should go to that school, instead of a simple statement that you want to go to their nursing school. Write about personal examples related to nursing to grab readers’ attention. Share your motives for attending the program. Show them you are inspired to study nursing.
  • Write about your dreams. – Setting long- term goals give the impression of a determined person and dedicated to achieving goals. Of course, stating that earning a nursing degree is your goal, but mentioning that helping children or advancing your degree shows even higher determination.
  • Tell them why you chose that school – Telling a story how you decided to apply in that school is more effective than telling that the wish to go to a nursing school motivated you. They will most surely want to hear that someone recommended you to go there.

If you follow these tips, you will increase your chances to be selected to study there. Mind that your essay should be outstanding. Good Luck!

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