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Composing amazing 7th grade persuasive essay topics in history:

World history topics:

Everyone has to write a bunch of essays and papers each year for school and then for work or even for fun. Writing can be a lot of fun but it can be a really hard task as well, one that can be time consuming and stressful. Especially when it comes to picking out the topic of the essay you need to write. In seventh grade it is pretty common for the students to write persuasive essays, mainly in history class. Within every essay there are a lot of important points made by the author who wrote the said essay, and these points are what everyone forgets. Sure there can be a hundred essays on the same topic, everyone remembers the topics, but the content, the material, the body of the essay is what is so easily forgotten. This is why encouraging the children of today to read and write is so important.

A list of amazing 7th grade persuasive essay topics in history:

  1. The role of Margaret Thatcher in the worlds history
  2. China and the Opium Wars
  3. Qin Shi Huang and how the Terracotta Army was buried
  4. The Holocaust and its effect on the world
  5.  Arab Spring and the conditions tied in
  6. India and the Muslim Conquest
  7.  Rasputin and his relationships with the Romanovs
  8. The origin and the history as well as the spread of AIDS
  9. Why and how communism fails in Russia
  10.  How James Cook mistakenly discovered Australia

These ideas are just some of the great topics you can choose from when it comes to writing an amazing 7th grade persuasive essay topic in history. In order for your essay to be top of the line you need to start on it as early as you can, the more time you have to get the paper done then the more time you have to spend on doing research, gathering information, writing and editing the perfect format. This is a chance for you to express yourself. A lot of students tend to make the mistake of writing what they think other people want to hear but what makes a great paper is if the student writes about something that captures their attention.

Simply pick a topic within history that appeals to you, make sure you can find a lot of information on the topic that are all from sources you can use in which are credible, also keep in mind that if the topic you choose has been written about a lot then your audience may be bored right off the bat. Start and end with a bang.

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