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Global History Essay Topics A List Of Powerful Ideas

With the advent of technology, the world has turned into a global village. Now we know lots and lots about each and every nation in the world. After the linkages between different people from different areas started, new cultures came into existence along with some waging wars on others for the food and land while some of the nations creating more and more friends around so that they could defend themselves unitedly in case someone attacks their lands. This whole lot of politics led into the formation of global history in which there are historic events of all the nations which did not affect only one nation but the whole world. Here are some interesting topics which you can select for writing a Global History essay.

  • Nationalism
  • Well, nationalism is defined as an extreme patriotic feeling and there is a lot that can be written about nationalism. Most of the leaders that lead their nations to acquire a free land concentrated a lot on nationalism.

  • Human Rights Violations
  • The powerful people and countries have always tried to treat the weak people as bad as possible to show themselves as the mighty ones. The human rights violations started from ancient wars and existent till today when chemical gases are being used as war assets and children and women are being used as human shields. In this dreadful condition, there is a lot of stuff to be written on this topic.

  • Cultural Diffusion
  • It is a very interesting topic as one dominant force enters any area of the world and the weak people in the area have their cultural values diffused in the culture of the dominant force. There are some nations who took the effects of cultures of neighboring countries too. Collectively, this topic is a mixture of arts and historical events which is an interesting combination.

  • Conflict between Religious Groups
  • There are many conflicts between different groups who are extremists when it comes to religion. Due to these groups, many events have occurred that have changed the course of history including the killing of many great leaders and the start of wars between different nations. This is an extremely interesting topic.

Here is a list of extremely interesting topics for the global history essay.

  • Geographic Features
  • Systems of Beliefs
  • Adaptation to the Environment
  • Revolutions
  • Politically Lead Revolutions
  • Non-Political Based Revolutions
  • The Rules of the greatest Leaders
  • Ideas of the famous Philosophers
  • Advent of Democracy
  • The downfall of Socialism
  • Is the world going towards a nuclear world war?

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