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10 Extraordinary Argumentative Essay Topics For Year 8

An argumentative essay is easy to write, because all it takes is you to support a certain idea. The topic is very important, because the more passionate you are about the subject, the better you will write. You are allowed to be creative, to use any kind of argument as long as it’s valid, anything only to convince others of your ideas. There is not specific format that needs to be used to this paper, unless your professor has specific requirements. Depending on what are you interested in, you can choose your topic from many different niches. Check out these ideas to get inspired:

  1. The importance of sexual education in schools. Many parents think that this is a sensitive topic and that it should not be discussed in class, but it is the best way to inform students.
  2. Why smoking should not be allowed in public. Even if each person has the freedom to do whatever they want, this does not mean that they should bother others. When you smoke in public, you are disturbing other people with the smoke and this can affect them also.
  3. Capital punishment. Is it moral to apply this for criminals who killed other people? Many religious organizations try to fight against this procedure, but there are still several countries that apply it.
  4. The importance of a balanced diet. We can notice everywhere how young children eat fast-food and processed aliments every day. This can be damaging on long term from many points of view.
  5. Why homeschooling is not good? Even if the students can focus on study better, this keeps them away from socializing with other teenagers and this can lead to future problems.
  6. Anxiety is a real condition. Many parents seem to think that anxiety is something typical for teenagers, and that it will pass. It should, however, receive special attention from a psychologist.
  7. Talking on the phone while driving. Even if many countries don’t have severe laws against this, it is one of the top causes for accidents.
  8. Vaccination. Several studies say that vaccines are dangerous, but most of the doctors disagree.
  9. Present your favorite book. Why do you think that other students should read it?
  10. Discrimination. It is common, even in the most developed societies, and it affects many people every day. Contrary to the public opinion, discrimination does not only affect people of other ethnicity, but also women, old people, or citizens with a low financial status.

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