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The outline for your paper should show your main points and the order in which you will right them. This is a check to ensure that you are following a logical progression of thinking in building your subject matter.


This should begin with an introduction of the subject, such as home renovation.

  • What is required for home renovation.
  • How to do it yourself.
  • Consider engaging an expert contractor.

What are the procedures for engaging an expert contractor?

  • Create an estimate for the cost of the work.
  • Sign a legal agreement.
  • Get legal advice on the contract.
  • Include penalties in the contract for non-performance.
  • Know the procedure for ending the agreement with the contractor.

What are the arrangements for local government approval?

  • Who is responsible for getting local government permits.
  • Who is responsible for arranging local government inspections?
  • Conclusion.

This checklist will ensure that the student has covered all the points raised by the issue and has left nothing out. It will also ensure that he or she has progressed his arguments in a logical order so that he or she arrives at a proper conclusion having considered all the facts.


It also gives the student an idea of how he or she is going to tackle the argument in the paper and serves as a reference point so that he or she does not wander off of the topic and that the argument remains relevant to the topic.


The outline is a control factor.

  • It allows the professor to refer the student to his outline plan.
  • It acts as a reference point for the student.
  • If he or she finds out new facts, then he or she can alter the outline to take this into account.

The outline helps the student to think through new ideas and the relationship between them.

  • Is it a question of cause and effect?
  • Do the ideas follow each other or are they opposing factors?
  • Does the outline help the student to think through the ideas logically to reach a conclusion?

The student may also be required to complete a formal outline at the end of the paper as a guide for the professor, beginning with a formal statement of the argument or thesis and then providing points to support the argument.


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