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Where To Look For Free Essays On Same Sex Marriage

The internet is the obvious choice when looking for essays on Same Sex marriage as the debate on this subject has become more intense in recent years. But the internet is not the only place to search as there is a historical interest in the subject. The reason behind your search for Gay Rights issues might color where you look. Research for academic reasons might send you along a different path from the one taken if adding your voice to the burning issue is your intention. However, both types of search may end up in the same place. Here are a few ideas to help you.

  1. For academic research, you would want to find trusted academic website, specify “academic” or “scholastic” in your browser search question.
  2. Another way of finding a suitable website is asking other students for their advice. If you are taking a course that requires your research, find someone who has already taken this course. What website did he or she use?

  3. The Library at your college may keep essay samples. Ask if you can see them. Many of these will not be available online. Also, the library is a cheaper way of checking out Autobiographical books on Gay Rights campaigners and those who oppose them.
  4. Writing companies often put samples of the types of writing work they provide on their websites. This is an unlikely option because of the controversial nature of the content, but it might be worth checking out.
  5. Law websites often post up unusual papers debating the finer points of the law.
  6. Political websites are another place to find papers on this subject. You will find opinions on both sides of the debate if you check out opposing political parties.
  7. Newspaper websites always require content. Again you can find well-constructed articles on both sides of the debate depending on which politic opinion is the guiding force behind the paper’s ethos.
  8. Civil Rights websites are another good place to search for your subject.
  9. Some Religious websites print very strong views on this topic.
  10. Leading Gay Rights campaigners place their papers on their websites.
  11. If you are interested in the more historical aspects, then niche periodicals for both the Gay Rights movement and Religious sources are excellent places for both sides to express their opinions.

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