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Muslims vs. Terrorism

Today, Islam ranks as the second largest religion in the world. A person becomes a Muslim by chanting a phrase acknowledging Allah as the only God and Mohammad his messenger. Terrorism is any activity that causes terror and the individual who performs it is a terrorist. Muslim teaches peace from the initial phase of conversion of the non-believer. The phrase chanted denotes peace and harmony. Muslim has no association with terrorism in any way. The vice disagrees with the Islamic beliefs. Recently, there is a growing misconception which affiliates terrorism and Islam together. This false impression is attributed to the media activities in many ways. It is essential to note that Arabic is the language that Muslims use when praying. Not all Muslims consider Arabic their mother tongue.

In the fight to abolish terrorism, there is an urgent need to identify its primary cause. The main reason is the escalating injustices suffered by individuals living in the Muslim the world. The victims tend to retaliate in response causing terrorism. All forms of activity that harm human beings require condemning irrespective of the perpetuator’s religion. Islam is against the antisocial elements in the society and not the innocent people. Some of the antisocial elements include theft, murder, and rape. All Muslims have to stand up against antisocial vices. It does not propagate infliction of pain to an individual. The word Islam means peace. Anyone who causes harm to an individual inflicts pain to the humanity despite their religious affiliations. Islam insists that saving innocent lives amounts to saving all humanity. A Muslim should portray the fundamentalist principle of a peaceful person and those of the religion.

Islam religion has five main duties that every Muslim is obliged to obey. Many religious books call them the pillars of Islam. Characteristically, it does not indicate killing of non-believers as one of these responsibilities. There is a misconception in the claims that Muslims are responsible for the most terrorism activities. Historical records prove that a significant number of acts of terrorism that occurred in the 21st century were propagated by the non-Muslims. These analysis indicates that Muslims does not dominate terrorism. Islam prohibits acts of violence against humanity. It is true that there are Muslims who are terrorists, but that is not the speciality of every other Muslims.

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