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How to type essay online without any software

There are ways of typing your essay online even if you don’t have any software downloaded on your computer. Word processor programs cost money. You may not have the money to purchase one for your classes because you can easily type your essays online.

Where can I find a place to type up my essay online?

One place that you can type up your essay online is through an online word processing program. There are a few available that you can use to type up your paper. These resources are helpful because they offer a way to type up your papers and some are capable of checking your grammar and spelling as well. These sites may also give you the option of writing in different fonts and have some templates much like word processors.

If push comes to shove and you are stuck for a place to type up your paper, you can always type it up in an e-mail. However, this method may not offer you the same types of formatting options as a word processor. It can still be used to at least get your paper into a typed form. If you have access to a word processing program at your school, you can do a copy and paste and format it to fit the guidelines that you need.

Most computers at least come with a free word pad or notepad option. You may be able to use this feature to type up your papers. You obviously won’t have as many options as you would with a word processor but it will still allow you to type up your paper.

You may also be able to find a free downloadable word processor online that you can download and use. You may have a little trouble with the formatting conversion when you convert it to a Word document if you have to submit it electronically. But if you have to type it up and print it out, this is a great option.

There are ways of getting around having word processing software. Most programs will allow you to download the software on several computers, so maybe you can find someone to go in on the cost with you and you can all benefit. It may just be easier to bite the bullet and get one but these options will work just as well if your decide not to.

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