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How To Pick Up Strong Expository Essay Topics On Health

An expository essay will essentially require you to take a particular idea and an analyse it. You may wish to take a range of different approaches when analysing the idea that you have chosen as the basis of your essay, and as part of your analysis and evaluations, you may come up with a variety of different results. Therefore, you may need to use your own opinions and ideas, along with any other evidence that you gather, in order to come up with a strong conclusion.

If you wish to discuss the topic of health as part of your paper then there are a range of different topics that you can use. In fact, some suggestions have been listed below and, even if you do not like them exactly as they are, you may be able to make some adjustments, so as to come up with a title that you prefer.

Alternatively, you may wish to talk to any of your fellow students or any healthcare professionals that you may know, so as to come up with any interesting topics. In fact, you will almost certainly be able to develop a wide range of different ideas by talking to nurses and doctors who work within the medical profession.

Another alternative is to read relevant medical publications, so as to see what topics and issues are currently important within the medical profession. You can then choose any relevant issue that you would like to discuss, and create an appropriate title based on issue. Furthermore, if you have used a magazine or publication for inspiration, then there may be some quotes that you can reference in your paper.

  • Explain how anaesthesia is used to minimise the pain felt by patients during operations
  • Explain what an induced coma is and why it is used to help patients who have suffered serious injuries
  • Explain how x-ray machines are able to see through flesh
  • Explain how the world responded to the Ebola crisis that began in Africa in 2013/14
  • Explain how doctors train to become qualified
  • Explain how a skin graft is done and why it might be needed
  • Explain how chemotherapy is used to treat patients who have cancer
  • Explain how drug companies develop drugs that are used to treat medical problems
  • Explain how immunisation works and why there is a false belief that immunisation could be bad for people
  • Explain how hip replacements are done

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