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Choosing Intriguing Topics For An Argument Essay: A List Of Suggestions

Topics for an argument essay may include something you have a deep interest. There are ideas to consider that may include issues in the local news. A potential idea can be in reference to a cause or something you’ve experienced. Selecting a good topic can be done through different sources including writing prompts and argumentative ideas developed through brainstorming.

Choosing an Intriguing Topic for Your Argument Essay

Argument essay writing can actually be an easy assignment. Depending on how long your essay is required to be, you can find a topic that is good to write about for academic and information purposes. It is easier to write your paper on something you know about. This can be an issue related to women’s rights or the how the death penalty is decided. Your interests are important here and they will help you write your paper in the best way possible.

If you have something in mind you can start with that first and determine later which perspective you want to write about it from. You can find sample essay papers to read to get more ideas. Think about issues trending in the media. Use sources that will help you write your paper to develop an argument essay topic you will want to write about.

10 Argument Essay Ideas to Help You Develop Your Own

Using a list of possible topics can help you determine something you can write about. You get a sense of what people have written about in the past and what you may want to write about now. Brainstorming is a good way to break down a broad topic into something workable. Here are 10 ideas to help you develop your own original idea for an argument paper.

  1. Does the death penalty really provide justice?
  2. Do humans have anything to do with climate change?
  3. Should paternity leave be offered to men?
  4. Are curfews effective in helping teens be responsible?
  5. Should people be allowed to win free money (lottery)?
  6. Do people depend on computers too much?
  7. Will body cameras for police officers help the public?
  8. Are children behaving worse today than children in the past?
  9. Do professional athletes and actors get paid too much money?
  10. Should students be required to attend college?

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