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Essay Topic List of the Most Inspiring Things to Write About

Are you having a hard time finding topics to write about that are inspirational? If you aren’t up to narrowing down your own list of things that inspire you and would prefer to get your ideas from this ready-made list, here are a few of our favorites:

Bravery. We see daily reports of people who commit brave acts but these stories don’t account for thousands of brave acts that happen all day. What does bravery mean to you? What does bravery mean in today’s world in general?

Friendship. Many people meet lifelong friends during their school days, but many more factors affect how friendships are kept today than they were about 50 years ago. In what ways are friendships worse or better than they were half a century ago? And what has played the biggest role?

Overcoming Fears. Fears are a part of our growth and have developed as a system to keep us safe from things that may be potentially harmful. But what can be said about certain fears “of the mind” that can be considered irrational to many. How can we draw the line and what does it mean when we say “overcoming fears”?

Special Places. We all have places that are dearer to us than others. Perhaps it’s where you learned a great truth? Or a place we shared a valuable experience with friends or family? What special places do you have in your life and how does the existence of it affect your day-to-day?

Overcoming Failures. To overcome failures is thought to be one of the basic elements that makes growth possible. As infants we fall several times before we can balance upright and ultimately take our first steps. What failures have you recently overcome that can inspire others to keep trying?

Changing Lives. Knowing that you have the ability to change people’s lives for the better – whether it’s through volunteer work or through advice – can be quite profound and inspirational in our lives. What experiences do you have that you would consider positively life-changing for someone else?

Would You Do Anything Over Again. If you ever had the opportunity to do something over again, either to experience it again or to experience something different, would you make a decision to do so? Do you think it’s a good idea to even consider changing when we know we can’t ever.

What Book Has Been Life Changing. Whether or not you have read a lot of books by this point in your life or have only had the opportunity to go over a few titles, it’s likely there is at least one that has been very influential in your life. What book has been life changing or inspirational?

What Film Has Been Life Changing. Today’s students are more likely to be exposed to film than they are books. In the same spirit as the previous inspirational essay suggestion, is there a film that has been life changing?

If You Could Live to a Hundred. This last one might be very possible, but still requires some creative thought. How can living to one hundred inspire you to live your life differently or inspire others around you?

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