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Basic Instructions For Composing A Good Essay On Cancer

Writing a research paper on a disease or medical condition may be difficult to pull off especially if one is not an expert in that field. Despite the numerous information found in books and the Internet, it may be difficult to narrow the materials during writing. Here are some basic instructions for composing a good essay on cancer.

Focusing on the main points

How the main points are outlined can make or break the essay. Some of the main points that may be included in the essay include: symptoms, types, the diagnosis, treatment options, recovery period and possible complications and causes. However, it may not be necessary to include all of them in the final draft.

The support mechanism

Who will support your study findings? Some of the possible sources of information include interviewing doctors to cancer patients, patient and survivor interviews and reading medical periodicals. It is important to note that all sources used must be cited accordingly.

Keeping it formal

Cancer is a very sensitive topic. First person and use of slang must be avoided during essay writing. Always use the third person and avoid using contractions. It is important to check for any grammatical errors and typos before submitting the paper. It is also important to avoid using medical jargon unless it is very necessary. If used, a simple explanation that can be easily understood should be offered.

Follow the instructions given to the letter

The tutor may give specific instructions as to how he/she would the work to be done. Some may recommend different referencing styles. Here are a few basic rules to remember:

  • No contractions should be used e.g.can’t
  • The essay should be double spaced
  • 1 inch margin should be left on the page margin
  • MLA heading should be included(MLA)
  • The title page in APA should appear
  • Legible font such as Times New Roman/Aerial
  • Font size 12
  • Citations
  • Bibliographies/work cited page

These tips are useful to students who have to write essays on cancer. Students face a great challenge when it comes to narrowing of the information obtained. To make this easier, begin with the main idea of the outline in a rough draft. Make sure all the instructions issued by the instructor are followed to the letter. After that, draft the final copy that will be presented. Those students who still find it difficult to follow this guideline, can seek the services of professional writers.

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