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Where do you get topics to write persuasive essays on

Sourcing topics in any essay type can take a while and it may require more thought than you feel willing to put into it. It can also be a better way to feel truly engaged in the writing process as opposed to being handed preselected topics by someone else. Here are some places you can think of beginning your search:

From your own life/opinions

Everyone’s life experience is different. Even identical twins raised in the same home have slightly different experiences and you can use your own unique vantage point to help you come up with topics. What makes you feel passionate? If not passionate, what makes you feel irritated? Those intense emotions translate well into persuasive essay topics.

From the headlines

With the dearth of online news agencies you will have many sources for interesting articles. Look for stories that are eye catching and then dissect them for the persuasive essay topics they contain. Some will be extremely fertile and yield several topics and others will really have one obvious theme. Think quality rather than quantity in this case.

From everyday conversations

You may end up having a fascinating conversation (or perhaps even an argument) with a friend one day that inspires you to write. This can create an amazing persuasive essay and as a bonus you would have flushed out some of the better points during the discussion.

From your textbooks

Historical events and concepts can make great topics. The best thing about them is that if the essay is to be corrected, you may end up writing something that the reader will be impressed by your knowledge of.

Here are some of the topics you might end up with by using the above methods:

  • Is statutory rape of males dealt with seriously enough in the education system?
  • Should athletes be treated like role models?
  • Does poverty significantly affect one’s chances at success?
  • Was Genghis Khan a barbarian warlord or an overlooked master tactician and leader?
  • Is war the natural outcome after a protracted period of relative peace?
  • Is mathematics necessary to the average adults’ daily life?
  • Is the domestication of animals an infringement on their innate freedoms?
  • Do managers earn their pay relative to that of their subordinates?
  • Are meal replacement drinks the future of fine dining?
  • Is the use of retinal scanning by employers a ploy to immorally attain employee information?

Give yourself some practice finding the essay topics hidden in plain sight within your life.

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