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Composing An Excellent Essay About Smoking And Its Effects

Everyone knows that smoking is not a good habit, but teenagers don’t usually care about this. They think that it’s a small risk and that all the warnings are just exaggerations. Of course, there are also many adults who neglect the advice of the doctor and they prefer to sacrifice their health and money for smoking. If you want to compose a great essay on this subject, take a look at these tips:

  • Don’t be judgmental. The last thing that a smoker wants to her is other people lecturing him about his habits. If you start in this way, for sure no one will be interested to listen to your text. Be friendly, firm but without being aggressive. Think that you are just giving an advice to a good friend; you wouldn’t want to offend him, right?
  • Explain the health risks in a way that they can understand. Of course, everyone knows that smoking affects the lungs. However, as long as they don’t actually see any damage they don’t realize the danger. But what if they could see it? Search on the internet some pictures and videos with a smoker’s lungs. It is not a nice image, but it can make them understand.
  • Talk about money. Teenagers and young people don’t have a lot of money, so they don’t want to waste them. Most of them don’t realize how much they spend when they buy cigarettes so make a simple calculus and let them know. They will be surprised to find out that with the money that they spent in one year, they could have bought a car or pay for an expensive trip outside the country.
  • Challenge them to tell you the advantages. This might actually convince them to give up if you can keep yourself friendly. You already mentioned dozens of disadvantages, so let them tell you why they smoke and what good this does to them. Of course, they won’t have much to say about this.
  • How can they quit? To make a good essay, you have to tell them what they have to do to quit smoking. You can discuss with a doctor and find out what are the best ways to give up smoking. Are there any natural methods, or it’s better to take medicine to clean your body from all the nicotine?

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