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Frustrations and Enlightenment

Frustration is usually a type of emotion which occurs in the situation when one gets blocked to achieve the required result. This state of affair can be clearly explained by two situations. In case whenever a person achieve any of the set goals, the person get contented and in other case if one is unable to achieve, then people feels irritated and annoyed. This situation ultimately leads to frustration and succumb. Classically the more important the goal creates greater the frustration and consequential craft loss of confidence. The frustration can be of two types such as internal or external. The internal frustration may arise out of challenges for gratifying the personal goal and objectives, drives pertaining to instinct and needs, or dealing with social situation fear.

The concept of enlightenment is evolving from Buddha’s real life. The concept basically highlights that frustrations can only give birth to enlightenment in life. It is impossible for one to have a smooth life without encounting the hurdles and facing dissatisfaction life. In case if one may keep an optimistic attitude, self-confidence and broad minded out view, then the person can achieve the transformation life by enjoying the hurdles and facing it with positive attitude. Our Contemporary Science has proved that the people with generous and positive attitude characteristics have blessed with long and healthy life. This has been declared as an outcome of research in different countries with varied group.

The frustration and problems not only leads to discontent in life but helps in creation of opportunities of new enlightened life through severe blaze as well. It mean that fierce fire always have associated elusive fortune. Thus one should never get fear of problems rather they should look insight of the benefits associated with the outcome of hardships. Someone has truly said that frustration will escort you to gets beyond your thinking otherwise how you would get ahead of your mindset. In fact Jesus explained that Human can reach to God with love, love is god. But he truly said that this is not the whole truth of life. The other point of view is “human never reaches to god through love rather it is attain with outshine love”. This concludes that if someone implicit both the concepts together only then concept of love can be understood.

Conclusion: The Buddha’s philosophy has portrayed the lack of ethical indignation gives two option to human first either to surrender to the present-moment and other is to take your frustration as a bliss in transcending the life.

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