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List Of Persuasive Essay Topics: Keep In Pace With Our New Ideas

Persuasive essays are a great opportunity for students to make a solid argument as to why their view on an event or item or debate is the correct one. It is a chance for students to compile and vet evidence only to include what is absolutely necessary to convince a reader that their view is correct.

Sometimes a teacher will let the students pick a persuasive essay topic all their own. This provides the students with a chance to write about something new and relevant but also something that they have a passion for. But so many persuasive topics out there how can you keep in pace with our new ideas and find compelling arguments to make?

Bear in mind these potential topic examples and see what interests you:

  • Should it still be required that children say the Pledge of Allegiance in school?
  • Are food manufacturers killing people with the various anti-biotics and sprays they use?
  • Should teenagers in America start using the British “gap year” custom in between high school and college?
  • What measures should businesses put into place in order to allow for four different generations to work together?
  • Does America suffer from grade inflation? Why? And what measures can and should be taken to stop this?
  • After you pick your topic and start writing it is important that you avoid being too polite or saying nice things only about authors of the past, especially authors who are dead. You don’t have to be nice to Chaucer. He is dead and he won’t mind if you state that a particular argument was as solid as it might have been. Whatever your point is with great authors, make it and make it fast. Don’t waste precious time and space blowing smoke about how great they were.

It is important to be brutal. No matter what you say, it might be misrepresented by the reader. So embrace this injustice and this imperfection. Be prejudiced and be selective. It will bode well for you and your paper.

Of course, if you are writing about a book or an author, be different. Don’t try and be just like them. Don’t change your unique writing style to copy them. And be careful with jokes. These are often misinterpreted by different readers because each person has a different sense of humor. So your wit and style might not be understood by all.

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