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Top 25 Process Essay Topics For High School Students

The topics for a process essay can be drawn from a vast array of different methods of doing things. Most topics begin with the words “how to”, so anything that involves a process is fair game. It could be from almost any category you can think of. For example, in the food niche it could be “how to cook a crepe”. In the mechanics niche it could be “how to change the radiator fluid in your vehicle.”

For 25 of the best essay topics for high school students for process papers, you can browse the following list.

  1. How to show affection to your pet tarantula
  2. How to get more organized
  3. How to sell your car
  4. How does lightning form?
  5. How to apply for a student loan
  6. How to cook bagels, New York style
  7. How to install a window air conditioner
  8. How to get over a fear of heights
  9. How to do the wiring for a light switch
  10. How to write a process essay for high school students
  11. How to make more friends
  12. How to become popular in school
  13. How to choose a lifetime career
  14. How to finish high school without losing your sanity
  15. How to get good grades in a subject you loathe
  16. How to get a better relationship with your parents
  17. How to take care of guinea pigs
  18. How to win at the game of chess
  19. How to solve a Rubik’s cube
  20. How to floss your teeth effectively
  21. How to ask a girl to Prom
  22. How to ask a boy to Preference
  23. How to cut your own hair
  24. How to sew a pair of blue jeans
  25. How to learn to drive a car

As you can see, the number of process you could potentially write about is literally endless. Just choose a niche or category you want to write in, like health, social situations, games, etc. and then think of something you want to write about. The objective of this type of essay is to explain and describe to the reader how something is done. They should be able to take your essay and read through it and copy the process you have explained. The reader should be able to obtain similar results as you did by following your instructions.

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