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Composing an Efficient Term Paper Title Page

Every student assignment should begin with an efficient title page. They are not difficult to compose, but it is easier and faster to follow specific guidelines. There are three most popular title page styles, namely the Modern Language Association (MLA), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the Chicago Manual of Style. Choose one of them and use the information below to prepare your term paper title page within minutes.

MLA Title Page Format

This format normally does not require students to prepare title pages. However, many professors insist, so the format today has guidelines to compose a title page:

  • The title itself is placed roughly two-thirds of the way up the page. A colon is used to separate a title from a subtitle. The first letters of major words are capitalized.
  • A student’s name, including a middle initial, is put in the middle of the page. There is no need to apply any special formatting. The first letters of your name and surname are capitalized.
  • A professor’s name should be centered and written roughly one-third on the way up the page.
  • The name of the class is put down along with its ID.
  • The date is written in the day-month-year form.
  • A double-space line interval is used and every element of the title page should be centered.

APA Title Page Format

APA is the most popular style. Its recommendations are somehow similar to MLA, but significant differences occur, so check the following information carefully:

  • The paper title is formatted the same way as using the MLA style.
  • The running head is a required element of the title page. It is also called a short title. Its length should be about 50 characters long. The text is typed in capital letters after the words “Running head”.
  • The title page is numbered.
  • A student’s name is formatted the same way as using the MLA style.
  • A university affiliation is put down below a student’s name.

CMS Title Page Format

The Chicago format is widely used in the humanities. It provides easy instructions about how to compose a title page:

  • The title is written the same way as was mentioned above. The only difference is that the subtitle is placed on a separate line without using a colon.
  • A student’s name is formatted the same way as in the APA and MLA styles. It is placed halfway down the title page.
  • A supervisor’s name is put beneath the course name.
  • The subject or the course name is written at the bottom of the page.
  • The date is required and formatted in the month-day-year style.

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