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10 Unusual Topics for a Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays examine why a situation occurred and the results of that situation. In other words, the purpose of the essay is to discuss how and why things happen. There are many ways to use topic ideas in your essay. One example is by asking a question and having that as the topic of your essay. This is actually the best way to go when writing the essay because it helps keep your ideas organized. The title can be your question, or the thesis of your essay can be the answer to your question.

Organizing the Essay

Students unfamiliar with this kind of essay can find it difficult to organize. The breakdown of the essay is fairly simple though. The introduction discusses the background of the topic and focuses on the argument which is the purpose of the essay. The body of the cause and effect essay will focus on the cause, effect, and the meaning of the relationship between the two. When writing about the cause and effect, which will be in separate parts of the paper, you will begin with general terms and then become more specific as you get into detail. The conclusion of the essay will be fairly general and sum up everything discussed in the essay. The conclusion should also offer insight to the reader by discussing how the situation affects society. It can also talk about how our understanding of the topic may or may not have changed.


There are literally thousands of topics to pick from when writing a cause and effect essay. Think about social issues, the medical field, legal issues, education, technology, and world events. The possibilities are endless. Try to pick a topic that many people do not think about, or a subject that people are not familiar with. This is a guaranteed way to keep the reader engaged. Here are some ideas for cause and effect essays.

  • - What causes women to stay in abusive relationships?
  • - What causes people to believe everything they see on social media?
  • - What are the effects of the NIMBY syndrome?
  • - What are the effects of slut-shaming?
  • - What causes people to become addicted to online gaming?
  • - What causes people to get lost in virtual society games?
  • - What are the effects of charter schools versus public schools?
  • - What are the effects of marrying a sex offender?
  • - What are the causes of cell phone addiction?
  • - What are the effects of paid sterilization for drug addicts?

Keep your topic creative and interesting while educating your reader.

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