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Creating A Brilliant Discursive Essay Conclusion With Ease

It is most important that you understand the requirements of the genre of a particular essay. In this case we are talking about a discursive essay and here it is vitally important that you understand the meaning of the word objective. It is the opposite of subjective. In a discursive essay you're not arguing for something. You are presenting a balanced point of view. This means you look at both sides of the argument rather than just one. You're not out to prove a point. You are there to explain both points of view.

Often a discursive essay will have a controversial topic. That sort of topic often calls out for an argumentative approach where you choose one side of the controversy and go flat out to prove your point. Do not do that with a discursive essay.

The structure of a discursive essay

It is the same structure you will find in many other types of essay. You will have an introduction at the beginning and then two fact paragraphs followed by a conclusion. Each fact paragraph will discuss a single issue. And when you come to the conclusion, if you have written your discursive essay correctly, the easiest task of all awaits you.

It is very difficult to write a brilliant conclusion to a discursive essay if you have not done the right thing in the paragraphs beforehand. Know your topic and make it as specific as possible. Know the issues involved in the topic and keeping them to only two topics is a good idea. Less is more is a good adage for anybody writing a discursive essay.

Now by keeping each of the two fact paragraphs separate in that only one issue is discussed in each paragraph, you are setting yourself up to create a brilliant conclusion. Remember it is imperative that the conclusion of your discursive essay does not include any new material. Remember too that this is an objective piece of writing. You are not there to promote one side of an argument.

So your conclusion is simply a summary of the pros and cons of each of the two issues discussed in each of the two fact paragraphs. Simplicity is the key to your success. Learn how to write a precis. Learn how to express in as few words as possible the for and against points of view for each of the topics in your essay.

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