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Finding A Good Sample Compare And Contrast Essay For Middle School

Not all example papers are created equally. Children in grades six to eight are young and new writers. They need to model with papers that are clear and not too complex. At the same time, the paper should not be too baby-like. There will need to be support and correct citations. A compare and contrast can be written two different ways:

  1. Within each body paragraph the subject has a comparison and a contrast. These follow each other with the appropriate support. They are in the same paragraphs. If you had three ideas, there would be three paragraphs of mixed things that are alike and different.
  2. The comparison feature is one paragraph and then the contrast is in the other paragraphs. This means that the entire paper has four paragraphs. One for the introduction, one for features alike, one for features that are different, and a conclusion.

When looking for pieces to model by as the students write, you can go to the following places:

  • Your teacher-your teacher should have well-written examples of all types of writing. And not only should the teacher have these samples, but the teacher should share them with the students each time he or she introduces a new type of essay. If the teacher does not do that, ask the teacher to do so.
  • The textbook-new textbooks, electronic and hard copy have models for all the different styles of writing. Simply flip to the appendix to find where those models are located in your specific book. All publishers have an online presence, as well, where additional information is often presented. You may need a passcode to access it, ask your teachers for it.
  • A tutor-if you simply do not understand any style of writing or you need extra help, you might want to seek a tutor to hire. Or you can check your school and see if they have a peer tutor program on campus that you may use. Samples of all kinds of essays should be available with a good tutor. Tutors can be pricey, so make sure you shop around and you ask for recommendations.

When searching for any middle-school writing models, go to see your teacher, visit your textbook, or think about hiring a tutor. You will be able to see the models of every single style of writing from one of those three sources.

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