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The practice of rituals along with other similar-like activities related to abuse, humiliation and harassment in order to initiate somebody into a certain group is very common in different settings. This is known as hazing. It is very common in various social groups such as in sports teams, military units, gangs and schools among other fraternities. It is an illegal act that is not supported by law and may include such things as psychological and physical abuse. It could also include sexually-orientated abuse and nudity.

Causes of hazing

Fresh campus students always come across unexpected situations on joining. The hope of everyone joining a new college is to walk into a warm reception where they are treated well, at least for the fact that they have credentials that warrant their respect. However, that is usually not the case – they on the contrary meet a very serious and hidden issue that undermines their value and end up lacking the much anticipated experience.

In order to overcome the secrecy that spreads hazing, it is important to assess the practices in a more explicit way. It is very evident in sports teams, Greek life, honor societies and clubs. In its totality, hazing is usually about having control and power. It is usually far from building unity. It seeks to oppress in a militant manner.

Important facts about hazing

A good number of university and college students have been involved in sports teams, organizations and clubs and in such settings, hazing practices are inevitable. Most of the deaths and other incidents of hazing are influenced by the consumption of alcohol. Students will most certainly be hazed if they have knowledge of an adult who got hazed. It is very much rampant in schools especially in colleges, high schools and middle schools.

It is a fact that hazing is a problem of the society and the greed for power and dominance has continued to propagate it. Today, very many hazing cases have produced disastrous results and while the acts seem harmless, they have continued to create alarming scenes. The society seems to cope with hazing and has not established effective means of curbing it. It appears that hazing will be around for many years. There is no hope of ending the trend any time soon. There is a lot that goes on even in the darkest scenes and there can’t be a certain quantified potential of harm that is possible with hazing. It is just has dangerous as other felony acts.

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