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How to brainstorm original essay ideas

Once you have the freedom to choose the topic of your essay, the entire writing exercise becomes much freer and a direct method of self expression. Not everyone takes easily to the lack of structure however, so if you feel a little intimidated by the idea of picking your own topic, no need to fear. Here are a few tips that can help you brainstorm some original essay ideas.

Check out current events

There is literally always something happening somewhere in the world. Because of this, the news is a treasure trove of potential essay ideas. Now you might assume at first that because everyone has access to the news, ideas that come from it would obviously be overdone. They can be, but as an individual with a unique perspective, all you need to do is approach the story in your own way. How does it appear from your vantage point? Answer that question and you’re halfway there.

Look at history

If the present does not inspire you, take a look at the past. The history books are just as full of intrigue as the newspapers and they also contain some of the most epic tragedies, romances and tales of heroism that the world has ever known.

Imagine the future

If you really want to challenge yourself, think about the future. What do you think it has in store for the children of the next generation or a few generations after that? Your only true limit would be your own ability to convincingly justify why your vision is a plausible one.

Reference all of the above

Your essay in no way needs to be confined to one particular time period. By moving from here and now to other points in time, both past and present, you can create a rich narrative that draws a reader in completely. It gives you the ability to point out less obvious connections between the world of the past and the one we live in now as well as the one our descendants may one day inhabit.

As a writer, time can be one of your greatest enemies but when used as a key aspect of the formation of your essay topic, it can easily become your best ally. Do your research and decide how best you can approach your essay. Before you know it, your topic will reveal itself to you.

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