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Who Can Assist Me With Finding Descriptive Essays Topics

There are many sites and sources for finding descriptive essay topics. For example:

  • You can ask your teacher for samples from previous students
  • You can review your textbooks and course notes for examples or inspiration
  • You can review online material

Consider the following topic ideas and see if anything stands out:

  • a dream you had
  • a nightmare you had
  • one of your favorite places
  • your first apartment
  • your first concert
  • learning a new language
  • running a marathon
  • an addiction
  • performing live
  • a room
  • your favorite vacation
  • the best restaurant you have ever been to
  • your most embarrassing moment
  • a stranger you once saw in a crowd
  • a life changing event
  • a new car
  • the future

When you write your essay you should adhere to the following tips:

  1. Always write a topic sentence for every paragraph which introduces a new idea. The first sentence of your paragraphs should provide the reader with an idea of what that paragraph will say and how what that paragraph says relates to your larger argument. You should focus on what you have to say about the literature or research you are reviewing rather than what the author(s) said.
  2. Include nice transitions in between your paragraphs. You can use the typical “first of all” , “the next...” and “another thing...” as connectors. This is referred to as the “list method” and is a rudimentary way to structure your paper. But if you are writing a more advanced paper, you want to present stronger transitions than that. You should make a logical connection between your current paragraph and the impending paragraph. This will help the reader to feel your argument building. In order to do this, take a moment to ask yourself how the final sentence of each paragraph relates to the first sentence of the next paragraph. Does the content from the paragraph refer to the content in the next, or follow from? The order of your paper should reveal the development of your argument and it is important that the reader know this.
  3. Make sure to consistently justify the placement of your sentences and the word choice. You want to pay specific attention to the words you are using while you revise your paper. There should be purpose to your word choice!

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