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Odyssey essay topics that will make your paper shine

The Odyssey is one of the oldest pieces of literature, and one of the most beautiful and interesting. In addition, it is a long epic, which a lot going on, which is great because it offers a very wide space to allow various interesting topics to emerge. There are plenty of these to choose form, and many possible themes to explore.

  • Loyalty and perseverance are some of the most important themes in The Odyssey. What characters most express these traits, and how does the author treat them?
  • What roles do the Gods play in the story, and why do you think Homer portrays them this way? Why do you think he includes them? How does their behavior differ from that of mortals?
  • Vengeance is something that is explored throughout the epic. Is any of the vengeance right? What are the limits of vengeance, and does it ever work out for anyone?
  • Spiritual growth happens to many characters, but this is a very different type of growth than we experience and express in these modern times. How does this spiritual growth differ from our modern expectations?
  • Odysseus develops as a character, but in what ways? Does he really change that much throughout his journey? How different a man is he by the end?
  • Generosity and the treatment of guests is something the Odyssey has a lot to say about.What does it have to say, and how does this play out between the people we meet?
  • The obstacles that Odysseus meets on his journey can mirror many obstacles we might all face in our everyday lives. What kind of allegories does Homer use, and how true are the solutions and virtues he presents?
  • Clearly, The Odyssey is a very different story from a different time and place. What kind of values dissonance is there, and how does this place out against our modern sensibilities.
  • The Odyssey is a sequel to the Iliad. Compare and contrast these works.
  • What is the role of women in the Odyssey? Compare and contrast the male and female characters.
  • How does Homer portray myth and magic? How does he call the semblance of the other?
  • Family is important in Odyssey's journey, how does this play out throughout the work?
  • Compare and contrast Odysseus's journey with that of Telemachus.
  • Each of the Gods has a role in the story, and how does their appearance in the story relate to their domains the Greeks thought they had in real life?
  • The Odyssey is an epic poem in Iambic Pentameter, do you think this form, and it is limitations had an effect in the shaping of the story?

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