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How to Write an Essay About Education: 10 Ideas


  • As with beginning any essay, an introduction is needed. This requires the writer to briefly state, within four to six (4-6) sentences the presentation of the essay. Think of the introduction as an outline in the direction of the essay’s course.
  • A topic sentence, thesis statement, and supporting sentences are needed. Providing a clear thesis statement helps encapsulate the main idea of the essay.

Supporting Paragraphs

  • The amount of supporting paragraphs depends on the list of supporting evidence needed to explain the thesis statement. Think of the supporting paragraphs as a “contextual informational cushion” for the purpose of explaining the thesis.
  • In supporting your thesis, you are proposing an argument, or debate to help either persuade, or dissuade, or even reconsider a position of an idea. In doing so, evidence of the stated claim must be given examples of accommodating circumstances to help illustrate.

Getting Started with Ideas

  • Begin with an outline. Write down all that you currently know about the essay’s topic.
  • Think about how you would approach writing the essay from the perspective of someone who does not know about the topic.
  • What would you like for the reader to know most about your topic?
  • Instead of focusing on specifications of making a “prefect essay,” gear your energy towards engaging in the development of a clear, concise thesis statement. If you accomplish this much to begin with, all else will surely follow!
  • Research the claim of your thesis statement. Are you able to find and gather any reliable sources of information to help you write your essay?
  • As information gathers, begin extracting and organizing the most necessary into your outline.
  • Try to keep away from being too opinionated. As a rule, while writing pinpoint the information that supports your thesis or argument and do not lose sight of doing so.
  • Keep in mind that the essay should conform to the needs of not only the thesis topic being written about, but also the guidelines as to which it was given to you by a teacher. Following through with the allotted directions and instructions are a must.
  • Institute the help of others. Never be afraid to ask for guidance, even from your peers.

The Conclusion

  • The final paragraph is a reinstatement of the thesis statement and supporting evidence outlined within. Do not introduce new information not discussed in the essay. 

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