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As Easy As ABC: How To Write A Paragraph Essay

A paragraph essay is the most basic format you’ll see, and you’re probably already familiar with it. Writing this kind of essay is easy because you have a predictable structure to follow with your topic. No matter what you’re writing about, this format can work beautifully for you. You don’t even need an outline for this kind of essay, because it’s so simple. You can just place your research into each paragraph section and get writing. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Once you get the hang of writing a paragraph essay, you won’t need a guide anymore. Each step is easy enough to remember, and soon you’ll be writing these off the top of your head!

Paragraph 1: Introduction

This is actually the part you should be writing last. It’s a good idea to leave the introduction for last because it’s arguably the most important part. You’ll be better able to introduce things when you know what the rest of the essay looks like. After writing the rest, you need to start with a poignant question or interesting quote. You need to draw in the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading. Then write a brief summary of the topic you’ll be talking about in the body of the essay.

Paragraph 2: Body #1

This is where you should start. Use your strongest point or the part you’re the most passionate about first. Write about the topic in a way that will help the reader to understand and see why this is so interesting.

Paragraph 3: Body #2

Next, we have the weakest point or least relevant parts of the research. Try to have a smooth transition from the above paragraph to this one. Always tie everything back to your main topic and talk about how it relates.

Paragraph 4: Body #3

The last body paragraph is your middle points; the second strongest opinions. Continue with the writing style you’ve been using. This is your last chance to put out new information about your topic and discuss it.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

This is obviously, a summary of everything that’s come before. Write this after the body paragraphs, using one or two sentences for each paragraph above. This doesn’t need to be very long; use it to fill the space left in your length requirements. End with a question or another quote to leave the reader something to think about afterward. Don’t introduce any new information.

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