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How to write a book report essay: a step-by-step guide

There are many types of essays you will be required to write when you are in an academic setting. Learning what is required of you can save you a great deal of time and stress when it comes to writing and will earn you a great mark. One essay you will be asked to write is the response essay or a book report. This is something you may have to write on multiple occasions throughout the course of your academic career. So what is in a response essay?


For this type of essay the thesis could focus on the different themes or trends that you find within the work or reflections on the life of the writer.


For this type of essay the body is important because it examines all the relevant aspects that are necessary in the essay. In this kind of an essay, there is usually a lot of information to work with. Therefore, you should focus closely on what is relevant and one that has more solid points. You should find solid documents for your literature review.

  • Identify literary devices including images, metaphor, alliteration, assonance, and similes among others and describe how they help to show the overall meaning of the work.
  • Identify the major themes which have been addressed and how they contribute to the meaning of the essay.
  • Carefully identify roots of words such as Greek or Latin roots and describe how the writer has used these deep meanings to argue his case.
  • Compare the aspects of the author’s life and his life experience.
    • Conclusion

      For this type of essay in a thesis, your task is to indicate that the bulk of your evidence is in direct support of your thesis. At times, you might find that there is a counterargument to your thesis. This is normal and acceptable. What you should do is to have a keen look at them and try to rectify the argument.

      What is the maker looking for?

      It is important to conduct an analysis of an old work. This is the perfect starting point for this type of essay. After reading the document, find the most important point which supports your argument. Read comprehensively and find responses from other writes and researchers. A creative thesis is probably a good start but one needs to be very careful. There are many details in critical theory analysis that you need not to look at unless you are working on a post graduate level. You should carefully show your individual thoughts, or even your unique personality and your personal attitude.

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