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Value Based Leadership - A Critical Success Factor In Project Management

Fables are fictional tales that share a moral through a story. These stories introduce children to what is right and wrong, and allow for values and morals to be developed. Of course, there are many ways we can learn right from wrong, but what is crucial is that these lessons are taught. From childhood to adulthood, conducting yourself morally is important. Once you have reached adulthood, you will want to let your values infiltrate your personal and professional life. When in a position of leadership, it is important to exhibit strong personal character, appreciate all employees and evolve strategies to successfully manage and lead company projects.

Strong personal character makes for the best leader of a company or organization. This character is something that can be developed in personal life, and brought into the realm of project management. The leader of a group is the essence of everything the group stands for, so having the upmost integrity is critical for success in project management. It is important that a leader stands by what is right, and best for the company—even when this is a hard decision. Frequently we see companies quickly rise to success, just to come to their downfall due to a lack of integrity. Without integrity, employee satisfaction is infrequently found.

In addition to the importance of strong character in a leader, employee satisfaction is a vital aspect of value-based leadership within project management. Other than leading with integrity, project managers can also institute a positive and diverse work environment to assure employee satisfaction. By treating employees with respect and harboring a positive environment, you have happy employees working for you. Happy employees translate directly to stronger work ethic, which is critical to success in project management.

Successful project management can also be developed and maintained by company evolution. As a company grows and changes, it is important that company initiatives, policies and strategies reflect these changes. By valuing insights accrued through employees and experiences, you will grow closer to the most efficient project possible.

Managing your company and its endeavors with a value-based leadership is the best way to keep your business on the up and up. Take what you know to be right and wrong, moral and immoral, then apply these values your methods of leadership. With strong personal character, true employee appreciation and the flexibility to evolve, your value-based leadership will send your company to success.

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