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The Easiest Way For Getting A Persuasive Essay Topic For College

Persuasive essay must convince a reader on a particular idea or focus presented by you through the essay. It must clearly present your opinions by way of arguments and counter arguments with the help of rhetoric and writing skills.

Following are some ways of writing a persuasive essay:

  • Take considerable time
  • Allocate enough time to brainstorm, write and proofread your persuasive essay. Reflect your thoughts and opinions by crafting arguments and justifying it with relevant facts or information. Rushing to finish the essay will not help in convincing the reader to accept your work.

  • Brainstorm
  • Project a solid view and foundation for your persuasive essay. Take a stand on the topic in which you are interested. Write on something you believe in. Choose a topic which has enough depth and complexity for formulating a solid argument.

  • Consider contrasting viewpoints
  • Present a genuine argument and counter arguments for the topic and support your arguments by expressing your opinion on the same.

  • Frame a catchy introduction
  • The introduction is a great way to your essay, therefore every attempt must be made to sound and interesting for the reader to read the whole essay. Start with a good hook or shocking statement.

  • Structure the body of your essay
  • Write at least 3 paragraphs for the body of essay. Each paragraph must contain and support a main point that relates to the argument you are presenting. Justify your opinions and cite evidence.

  • Maintain continuity in the paragraphs
  • See to it that the transition between the end of the paragraph and beginning of the new paragraph is smooth and follows a continuous pattern.

  • Add arguments and counter arguments
  • By presenting both, you help the reader to see both the sides of the coin and also analyze the correctness of your argument.

  • Provide justified conclusion
  • List out the main points discussed in the essay and end the paper with a probing thought to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

  • Revise and proofread
  • Check for grammar errors, punctuation errors and plagiarism concerns and correct the mistakes.

    Some persuasive essay topics

  • Death penalty must not be imposed on juveniles
  • The case of gun control
  • Dangers of taking illegal drugs or steroids
  • Use of cell phones while driving cars can have dire consequences
  • Alternative fuels: whether they are necessary?

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